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The ACL product family includes three technology solutions designed to help professionals across governance, risk and compliance groups identify, investigate and mitigate business risk. ACL solutions help organizations save time and protect the bottom line through proven approaches. Specifically designed to help risk and control groups such as Audit, Risk, Compliance, IT or Financial Control professionals.

  • Data Analysis - Ad-hoc analysis of data populations to detect transactions falling outside business norms, internal control standards or regulatory requirements
  • Enterprise Continuous Monitoring - Recurring analysis of transactional data designed as an early detection system to help prevent and mitigate business impacts
  • Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) - Management and measurement of risks and controls against business objectives in accordance with regulations, standards, policies and business decisions
  • Data Analysis
  • Continous Monitoring
  • Governance Risk & Compliance

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Analyze large volumes of enterprise data to increase coverage and protect revenue


ACL’s Data Analysis solutions are specifically designed to help risk and control groups, such as Audit, Risk, Compliance, IT or Financial Control professionals perform in-depth analysis of data with ease. Quickly find exceptions and control breakdowns that leave you exposed to financial and reputational risk-increasing coverage and decrease the time it takes to analyze the truth in your transactions can be easy. 

ACL offers two data analysis solutions that not only increase coverage and assurance, but also enable resource-strapped teams to analyze big data, deliver timely results and uncover important information hidden in that data.

Ideal for individual users who want a solution that enables easy and quick detection of control failures from the convenience of the desktop. Powered by ACL™ Analytics, analyze data from almost any source with ease.

Perfect for Professionals That Require:

  • A data analysis solution that will help detect potential gaps and instances of control failures-such as fraud, waste and inefficiency—with greater ease.
  • Rapid analysis of large volumes of data while maintaining read-only access.
  • Easily analyze to almost any data source including flat files, printed reports or any database.


  • Easily analyze any data source
  • Analyze 100% of data populations
  • Leverage hundreds of built-in data analysis commands and tools
  • Automatically record every analytic step
  • Instantly share, collaborate and remediate all analytic exceptions*

*Please note: Requires access to ACL™ GRC

Ideal for resource-strapped teams that want all the bells and whistles of the Data Analyst solution for individual as well as, the ability to share analytic tests, schedule data to be imported for repetitive analysis and want the extra security and power of the ACL™ Analytics Exchange server.

Perfect for Teams That Require:

  • A data analysis solution that will help detect potential gaps and instances of control failures with greater ease.
  • A centralized repository to share analytic tests and engagements, which helps ensure standardization and repeatable analytics.
  • Scheduled and automated data extractions at off-peak hours, which satisfies IT security requirements while giving users greater independence.
  • The security and power of running analytics in a server environment.


  • Reduce the time and resources it takes analyze data
  • Boost security by administrating roles and access privileges
  • Integrate AX seamlessly with your IT infrastructure
  • Easily access any data source
  • Analyze 100% of data populations
  • Leverage hundreds of built-in data analysis commands and tools
  • Automatically record every analytic step


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Continuously monitor what matters

Transactions are where business happens and where the facts live. Easily gaining access to these transactions shouldn’t to be a tug of war. ACL’s Continuous Monitoring solution, powered by ACL™ Analytics Exchange technology, allow Audit, Risk, Compliance, IT or Financial Control professionals to gain immediate insight into the transactional data underlying their business processes - moving from a reactive traditional model, to an immediate, proactive approach, that continuously protects the bottom line.

Organizations are at risk 24/7. Continuous Monitoring helps protect your organization for the ongoing and new threats that can have severe consequences - an insurance policy worth having. Centralize data extraction, analysis, exception management, visualization and reporting - an all-in-one solution. Continuous Monitoring not only drives efficiencies into your team, but it also improves quality, promotes best practices and provides organizations with the instant visibility required to turn insight into action.

Perfect for organizations that require:

  • Automate control monitoring to help highlight areas of weakness
  • Track and monitor key performance and risk indicators so that when thresholds are hit, informed action can instantly be taken
  • Immediately share exceptions for tighter business controls
  • Expand coverage to dig deeper and wider


  • Automate resource intensive activities and free up team members for higher value-add critical thinking tasks
  • Watch the system more than pay for itself by finding cost savings and recovery opportunities hidden in your data
  • Save time by scheduling and automating recurring tests
  • Gain deeper insights with proactive analysis
  • Reduce revenue leakage by identifying and fixing issues as they occur
  • Faster speed to resolution


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The best data-driven insight into the integrity of business activity, all in the Cloud! 

Simplified Governance, Risk and Compliance activities are part of daily life in every organization, whe

ther there is a formal commitment to GRC initiatives, or simply a desire to drive organizational performance through better management of departmental risk, control and compliance objectives.

GRC doesn’t have to be complicated, unwieldy or spreadsheet-intensive. ACL™ GRC offers a simple, flexible way to help you improve the efficiency and effectiveness of GRC activities enabling:

  • Insight into strategic risks and outcomes for executives
  • Efficient project management for Audit, Risk Management and Compliance
  • Data-driven measurement, remediation and reporting for business stakeholders

ACL GRC will change the way you think about Governance, Risk and Compliance. 

  • Risk Management: 
    Manage and diagnose strategic risks within the context of your organization’s structure. Understand where you are covered, where the gaps are, and where you need to look next
  • Project Mangement & Planning: 
    Get a head start on audit, risk and compliance management and take the headache out of project planning co-ordination, documentation, review and communication with the organized, productive and mobile-enabled workflow of ACL™ GRC
  • Results Management: 
    Remove the barriers associated with turning analysis into action. Share and manage your ACL™ Analytics results, drive remediation activities and track outcomes – enabling data-driven approach.


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