An enterprise solution to map, measure and control your organization is widely recognized by governmental and leading private enterprises as the best means to drive strategy, business and technology towards the same goals. However, the journey towards an enterprise solution may become misleading, complicated and disillusioning if the right approach and the right tools are not used. With more than 10 years' experience in the field of empowering organizations to deliver value the Bizcon consultants are well equipped to help you take the right step towards an enterprise solution.


  • Analytics for SAP
  • Audit Analytics
  • Consulting Services
  • Data-Driven GRC
  • Data extraction for SAP
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Enterprise Continuous Monitoring
  • Governance, Risk & Compliance
  • IT Portfolio Management
  • Process Excellence BPM
  • Process Mining

The Analytics for SAP solution

The Analytics for SAP solution constitutes a flexible solution for the ad-hoc analysis of your SAP data (big data). This is the successful implementation of an app-like concept for data analyses. An extensive analysis portfolio is embedded directly into ACL Analytics, so it can be run flexibly at the touch of a button. In combination with predefined analyses, clever wizards and an intuitive GUI, a universal database ensures efficient operability and excellent usability.

Local by user

The solution is perfect for analysts who use ACL Analytics and need simple, fast and flexible analysis of SAP data in the field, for example on notebook PCs. Flexibility and on-the-spot usability are the main benefits. Auditors can take the data with them and run tests anywhere (e.g. abroad) and at any time simply and flexibly in the framework of internal & external audits.


The solution runs in ACL Analytics (desktop) or ACL Analytic Exchange (server). Its main strengths, however, show to best effect in the desktop environment. Very much like an app, the solution encapsulates good operability, speedy performance and tremendous flexibility within a simple graphical user interface. To-the-point documentation rounds off the concept.


Data analysis is a multi-faceted field. The Analytics for SAP solution enables access to sophisticated analyses through intuitive, straightforward user guidance. So complex evaluations become possible without specialist knowledge of analytical tools and without restricting flexibility in data analysis. The possibilities afforded by data analysis are no longer the preserve of specialists and there is no longer anything to hinder broad-based use across the company.

Processes & SAP modules

The analyses built into the Analytics for SAP solutions are available for the data of the following business processes and SAP modules: Logistics Materials Management (SAP MM), Master Data in Material Management (SAP MM-MD), Purchasing (SAP MM-PUR), Accounts Payable (SAP FI-AP), Customer Orders in Sales (SAP SD), Invoicing in Sales (SAP SD) and Accounts Receivable (SAP FI-AR).


Included in Analytics for SAP solution are analyses for the following fields: Risk & fraud, data quality, compliance, internal controlling, cash protection & recovery, process analyses, master-data quality, and much more.

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Audit Analytics is used for performing internal controls and identifying transaction errors and exceptions. Such reviews often take place long after the transactions have been done which seriously limits the ability of Management to take timely and corrective action.

The value of audit analytics is maximized when the results of Continuous Monitoring transactions and controls are being provided directly to the business process owners for response. This allows for corrective action to be taken on a timely basis, directly improving the bottom line and business performance and reducing associated risks trough rapid response to fraud, errors and inefficiencies as well as strengthening financial and operational controls.

Whether your business challenges lie in the areas of fraud detection, controls monitoring, or auditing for compliance - or within the specific regulatory and operating environments unique to Government, Banking & Finance or Healthcare - Bizcon can incorporate standard controls testing analytics into customized solutions uniquely suited to your organization's needs through the ACL solution and our consulting offering within audit analytics.

The benefits of Continous Monitoring with ACL Audit Exchange

The Audit Exchange platform consists of multiple components that offer different features and functionalities which – when combined - offer a complete end‐to‐end solution. Depending on the needs of your audit team all or some of the components can be combined to create your business assurance platform. Rapid response to fraud, errors and inefficiencies: Continuous Monitoring enables management to determine quickly and accurately where to focus attention and resources in order to improve processes, implement course corrections, address risk, or launch initiatives to enable the enterprise to achieve its goals.



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Our consulting offer: Simple - empowering you to deliver value!

We deliver solutions that show real value measurable in:

  • Business, operational and technological improvement
  • Savings on costs, time and resources
  • Overview and analysis optimizing your decisions
  • Risk management assuring compliance and mitigation on future concerns

We empower you and your organization to deliver value by applying best-in-class technology: Appropriate methods, best practice approaches and most important experienced consultants who believe in their core values!


At Bizcon, relationships matter, and trust is the foundation of our relationship with you and your business. We offer solutions that are right for you because our success depends on your success.


Through shared tools, consistent methods and clear communication, we believe that the key success factors for a successful BPM, EA or Audit program are also applicable to our consulting approach.


We believe that every challenge, no matter how small, is unique. Your business is unique and so are the individuals from whom it draws its strength and creativity.

Although we are experts in what we do, we know that we are not the experts in your business. Therefore, we are first and foremost dedicated at listening to you in order to provide you with a fit-for-purpose solution.


Despite latest news or general opinions our opinion is that the best way to understand problems is by analyzing the facts at the location.

We provide valued analysis using best-in-class technology and tools. But most important we understand that the true value of any business does not only lie in understanding its technological or financial mechanics, but in understanding people and their applied skills. We therefore provide proven methods to organize and implement workshops and interviews.

Value orientation

Our success is possible because it is measurable and tangible. We are experts in developing and executing enterprise wide programs. However, we also believe that every program, no matter how ambitious, must be able to show value quickly in the short term in order to contribute to a long term success.


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Data-Driven GRC 2


ACL GRC is a flexible and easy way to manage the process of assessing risk, planning and organizing projects, analyzing data, communicating issues, and visually sharing your findings. Since ACL GRC is delivered in the cloud, it’s accessible from anywhere, secure, and doesn’t require any ongoing IT support.

Helps you:

  • Improve productivity by achieving an average increase of 25% in audit efficiency with automated workflows
  • Deliver higher ROI by providing organizational value-add services while spending less time documenting and reviewing
  • Enable faster decision making by providing visibility into information with smart dashboards and reporting tools and sharing it across other departments and stakeholders
  • Collaborate and work from anywhere since your client audit data is accessible in the cloud and available to your team members 24×7
  • Achieve low Total Cost of Ownership by eliminating the heavy up-front technology costs that other on-premise or complex systems impose. ACL GRC is cost effective over traditional manual processes and requires no IT set up time or maintenance headaches – your system is automatically upgraded

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The Data Extraction for SAP Solution

The Data Extraction for SAP Solution allows you to extract tables from SAP. The extracted data gets converted into data formats which are appropriate for data analytics – for example ACL Analytics, ACL AX, GDPdU, Microsoft SQL Server or CSV (comma separated values). The solution is fully capable of downloading Big Data. Even huge SAP tables like the General Ledger in BKPF/BSEG can be exported easily.

SAP Systems & Target formats

The Data Extraction for SAP Solution supports SAP starting from SAP R/3 4.5 – for example SAP ERP as well as SAPERP ECC 6.0. Data extracted is converted automatically to ACL Analytics Desktop, ACL Analytics Exchange, Microsoft SQL Server, CSV (comma separated values) or GDPdU (which is a special format in context of the German tax law). Version 3.0 of The Data Extraction for SAP Solution offers the option to put the extracted data directly, and in a very performant way, into a Microsoft SQL database. This turns your data into a base for different tools and scenarios, for example Dashboarding or Process-Mining solutions.

Big Data

Big data can be extracted from SAP without running into timeouts. This allows you to easily access tables that are well known for containing a massive volume of transactions, like the General Ledger table BSEG or the SAP change tables CDHDR and CDPOS.

Parallel downloading

Extracting Big Data from SAP can be time consuming. But what if you or a colleague need to acquire other data at the same time as an ongoing Big Data download? With The Data Extraction for SAP Solution, such extractions are not a bottleneck anymore, thanks to the innovative concepts of having “Slots” in place. The same user can download different tables from the same SAP system simultaneously — or from different systems. Also, different users can download data from different systems simultaneously, even multiple tables at the same time.

Client Server Architecture

Teamwork and shared working environments, scalability, user access controls, resource-efficient data access — these are reasonable challenges for a data extraction tool. By being a native client/server application, The Data Extraction for SAP Solution solves it all. Exported data can be saved directly to a server location and therefore be shared with a whole team. This allows you to save disk space and money, especially if you have to deal with big data.


Often, analytics need to be performed repeatedly and regularly, for example for CCM (Continuous Controls Monitoring) environments. With The Data Extraction for SAP Solution you can automate your data access, and cover scenarios such as “Monthly Duplicate Payment check for Accounting”. The scheduler feature is the autopilot for your downloads. By setting up the time frame (monthly, weekly, quarterly or yearly) the scheduler adjusts the download filters automatically. It can be relied up to provide you with the data you need at precisely the moment you need it.

For bigger analytic tasks you will almost certainly need several different tables, including filters and dependencies. The Package feature allows you to bundle all those elements together and make it reusable for you — you can also provide the package to another colleague to help make their life easier.

Not only can the download be automated, but the analytics that need to be performed afterwards can also be automated. This ensures that the tests are performed as soon as possible once the data export is complete.

Data protection & Encryption

As soon as data gets extracted, it needs to be protected. With The Data Extraction for SAP Solution, content can be encrypted during download, so it will not end up as plain text on your hard disk.

Selective content

The The Data Extraction for SAP Solution contains a standard set of fields that can be encrypted automatically, but you can select your own content to be encrypted as well – for example: user names; bill of materials data; or customer / vendor information.

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Enterprise Architecture provides a complete picture and understanding of systems, processes, and their interdependencies, by improving IT governance, optimizing business processes, enabling planning of enterprise-wide change, and increasing value for the business.

Bizcon’s Enterprise Architecture approach is based on proven methodologies and expert consulting services using the global leading EA software MEGA Suite for Enterprise Architecture.

We provide you with the appropriate approach to management, methodology and governance as well as tools and solutions required. Combined with skilled communication capabilities we ensure that your initiative is effectively implemented within your organization enabling your EA program to deliver clear and tangible results for short and long term perspectives.

The EA solution empowers you to deliver value!


Enterprise Architecture

Application Portfolio Management

Understand interactions and interdependencies between applications, and align IT systems with corporate strategies and business needs, as well as identify redundancies, reduce costs, mitigate business risks and maximize the use of your existing IT portfolio. 

Solution Architecture

We offer a coherent and cohesive approach to defining, documenting and communicating specifications. Our solutions provide for the full integration of system design specifications with enterprise architecture, service-oriented architecture and business process analysis environment.

 IT Transformation

For IT strategists who need to plan the evolution of their IT systems we provide the tools and methodology for making well-informed decisions about strategic IT asset acquisition, management, and retirement.

  • Capability maps linking IT resources with critical business processes
  • Gap analysis tools to create paths between current and future architectures
  • Modeling and analysis tools to create a variety of master plans and transformation scenarios
  • Rich, automated reports for decision-makers


Systems Engineering

Defense and Security solutions enabling the description of large, potentially complex system architectures, while offering the most recent versions of the NATO Architecture Framework (NAF), and the Department of Defense Architecture Framework (DoDAF).

  • Optimize processes and improve the use and deployment of resources by architecting very large and complex systems using a standard architecture framework on a reliable platform
  • Ensure coherence within a system, and between systems, in a multi-contractor distributed project environment, with a collaborative, repository-based tool
  • Provide decision-making support with advanced scenario analysis and impact analysis across the architecture
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Continuous Monitoring 2


An increasingly complex world puts greater demands on Audit, Risk, Compliance, IT and Financial Control professionals to maintain and uphold operational controls. 

The Enterprise Continuous Monitoring (ECM) solution powered by ACL™ Analytics Exchange (AX) technology helps organizations detect and remediate revenue leakage, accounting errors and diminished productivity.

Through centralized data extraction, analysis, exception management, visualization and reporting - an all-in-one solution - ACL helps drive team efficiencies, improve quality of work, promote best practices and provide instant visibility to turn insight into action.


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In many organizations Governance, Risk management and Compliance (GRC) practices have not changed for years. Consequently, the company is struggling to keep up with complex regulatory environment and at the same time meeting expectations and demands of external stakeholders. No matter the kind of industry the goal of the company is to become more flexible and profitable while increasing internal controls and reducing risks. These objectives may seem contradictory, but may nevertheless be united by an improved approach to GRC enabling the organization to make the right decisions, foster innovation and intensify competitiveness.

To utilize best practice of GRC the company must have a profound knowledge of its corporate structure and the components.

Benefits of a GRC approach

• Coordinate governance, risk, and compliance processes to reduce costs, avoid redundant efforts, and eliminate silos of information

• Share a common vocabulary and repository across different departments to establish a strong risk culture in the company

Establish a corporate governance approach to manage business risks and deliver insight for optimal strategic decisions

• Strengthen risk analysis and risk portfolio selection with an in-depth view of business processes to facilitate critical business decision-making

• Provide a holistic approach to compliance to support the complexity of modern business environment

• Protect assets and ensure control of activities to increase shareholder value and strengthen brand and reputation


Explore our GRC solutions - all driven by business process and risk approach

Operational Risk

We enable risk managers to clearly identify and evaluate their main risks and manage them in order to protect the company and improve performance.

Our solution provides the methodology for identifying and assessing risks while integrating risk data and performance indicators.

We help organizations:

  • Define risk policy
  • Manage controls efficiently
  • Create alerts for early warnings and loss events
  • Provide capital at-risk calculation with statistical and scenario analysis

This makes it possible to assess and integrate qualitative and quantitative metrics providing the reporting required for the board of directors, auditors and regulatory institutions.

We specifically offer solutions for the Basel II and Solvency II frameworks.

Enterprise Risk Management

We help companies manage risks across the enterprise to identify their acceptable level of risk and build sustainable performance. Our solution enables organizations to manage risk appetite and risk portfolio, and efficiently gather and consolidate risk data to provide the information required for establishing appropriate control systems.

Our solution supports risk managers in all aspects of the risk management process:

  • Risk universe definition
  • Risk identification
  • Risk analysis
  • Risk evaluation
  • Risk treatment

We facilitate the event collection and risk quantification and the sharing of a consolidated and realistic risk picture with an in-depth view of business processes. The solution is based on the COSO II integrated framework.

Internal Audit

We help internal auditors increase their ability to execute while improving audit quality and producing pertinent information for the board to make sound decisions.

Our audit solution enables the organization to:

  • Streamline and automate internal audit
  • Improve follow up on audit trails and action plans
  • Track evidence records
  • Standardize best practices
  • Reinforce traceability and reliability of information

The internal audit solution embeds a best-of-breed methodology supporting international audit standards such as IIA, PCAOBS AS and ISO 19001.


We help companies conduct compliance programs to manage external constraints and ensure internal objectives. Our solution provides the tools to assure that all elements of the business strictly follow established requirements.

Our compliance solution enables the organization to:

  • Define the risk universe
  • Streamline the control documentation
  • Assess and test processes
  • Establish appropriate control systems and remediation plans
  • Generate reports and dashboards by roles to deliver insight for more informed decisions

The solution supports the SOX, FSA, TCF, LSF, KonTraG and 262 regulations.

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IT Portfolio Management flash

For more than 30 years the IT portfolios of large organizations have been  expanding as a result of increasing business requirements and the eruption of new technologies. With an ever growing focus on corporate globalization, CIOs face even more complex challenges to rationalize their IT portfolio. Numerous applications are redundant, misused or even obsolete. Others are meant to be identical and are specifically configured or deployed. More important than the associated maintenance costs, the poor management of application portfolios makes the IT systems vulnerable, hindering their evolution. 

Attaining a clear and comprehensive view of all deployed applications, including  their costs and value for the business, is an important challenge. With reduced budgets, application portfolio management and modernization should be one of your priorities. 
Application Portfolio Management

Awareness, rationalization, and transformation

The MEGA IT Portfolio Management solution provides CIOs with the means to manage the company’s application portfolio. It uses a comprehensive business architecture approach, which helps to continuously manage costs and improve delivery of IT services enabling you to:

  • Anticipate requirements and make relevant IT decisions that are directly related  to business needs, costs, and risks, thanks to a clear inventory and description of IT assets (applications, technology, etc.) and their deployment. This also aligns with your company’s business vision directions for strategy, capabilities, and processes
  • Select, build, and accomplish IT change management projects aligned with the company’s actual change capabilities, including IT transformation scenario analysis, comparison, and planning


Implementing a pragmatic and structured approach

APM is a long-term process that needs to be integrated into your global IT governance framework. With the MEGA ITPM solution, you have complete support of the three main steps of IT portfolio management:

  • A comprehensive inventory of existing applications
  • An evaluation of applications in terms of business value, maintenance and support costs, and risk acceptance
  • The defining of a roadmap for legacy application management, including all transformation initiatives


Inventory: Get a simple, organized view of the IT portfolio

Based on a global information model, a common repository allows you to store all application information - collected through a decentralized process - in one central “single source of truth”. Automatic workflow ensures regular updates of collected data. Communication tools facilitate the sharing of the  status of your portfolio through a wide range of deliverables. Import tools, such as Excel, speed up the initialization of data. 

Evaluation: Evaluate the value, costs, risks and technology efficiency of the IT portfolio

With a unique view of all the different components of your IT portfolio  and their relationships you have all the analysis tools required to manage your IT portfolio.

You can easily determine which applications are really paying their way and where to remove costs from the organization.  

You can identify applications that are critical to the business and mitigate the risks of losing critical infrastructure supporting them. Those evaluations are useful for the building of effective business continuity plans.

Customizable dashboards provide you with all the information needed to make  relevant decisions about your IT portfolio evolution and to check  critical points such as:

  • Redundant or under-used applications
  • Excessive maintenance costs
  • Obsolete technological components
  • Applications with insufficient support for business requirements


Transformation Management: Organize decision processes to  transform your IT portfolio

In order to decide and plan transformations that are necessary to make your IT portfolio evolve MEGA APM allows you to:

  • Get a clear view of the lifecycles for all applications and their components
  • Create scenarios to analyze changes to those lifecycles
  • Evaluate transformation scenarios based on specific criteria
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“If you can't describe what you are doing as a process, you don't know what you're doing" - W. Edwards Deming 

Through expert understanding and application of Business Processes using the OMG standard BPMN, Bizcon enables your organization to understand, harmonize, analyze, improve and manage Business Processes. 

Our partnership with MEGA empowers us to deliver the elements required for a successful BPM initiative; leading business process software, proven frameworks and methodologies, and expert knowledge through value adding consultancy.  

Bizcon provides your company with full Business Process Management approach. 



The benefits of our Business Process Management solutions

Business Process Management

We help organizations to define and implement a business process approach, enabling business to:

• Harmonize terminology and concepts
• Document processes in a consistent manner and methodology
• Integrate processes with skills and roles

Business Process Alignment

Align your processes across the organization to ensure best practice:

• Capture best practices
• Describe and implement end-to-end processes
• Analyze the cause and effect of a process in relation to the entire business model

Business Process Improvement

Evaluate the impacts and costs of process improvement projects and calculate the anticipated ROI:

• Fully measure and compare your processes in terms of costs, time and resources
• Design simulation scenarios that fully reflect the state of your projects
• Quantify the impact of planned changes
• Maintain traceability between simulation scenarios

Business Process Governance

To be able to govern the BPM approach considerations such as Strategy, Methods and Portfolio, skills, culture and communication must be fully understood and incorporated. This requires:

• Establishing process standards
• Prioritizing process orientated projects
• Defining roles and responsibilities
• Building a BPM Center of Excellence
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Process Mining flash with Try Minit white background on logo


Process Mining provides data-based insights into processes and reveals how to improve efficiency and reduce costs

Our partnership with Minit empowers us to deliver the elements required for making complicated processes transparent and provide actionable process insights to companies in every industry sector.


  • Analyzes and increases efficiency of any processes
  • Analyzes real data from systems involved in the daily running of your business
  • Shows broader patterns and individual cases and helps you discover connections, causes, and solutions
  • Analyzes 100% of data with a precision impossible by traditional methods



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